Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey Week Four Day Five Activity 1,2 and 3

Activity 1 Week Four Day Five

Success Criteria:On your blog tell us three things that you could do to help save the planet.

1)An idea for helping the planet is I could try and get the most votes and win the election to run New Zealand and do something about this pollution problem and not just talk about doing it and focusing on other things but to actually do it.

2) First of all there is this layer of heaps of different types of gases that is around the Earth. What happens is when the sun produces heat it goes through the layers or gases around  Earth and hits the water creating high temperature into the ocean called climate change. When this happens the heat bounces off the water back towards the sun but because there is thick layers of gases made by humans the heat can’t travel back out to space. This layer of gas is called the ozone.

I can try and reduce the impact from me on Earth using different types of gases and to decrease a little bit of climate change. To make a bigger difference I would create a website and let people know about my idea. This will spread it world wide and make people think twice about using gases.

3)My last option to help save the planet would be to take notice on how much water I use daily, weekly monthly and every year. Using water can change the ocean and rivers etc, to get lower and lower and one day there will not be any water left on this planet. Little things like turning the tap off when brushing your teeth makes a huge difference if 7.53 billion people all do it.

Activity 2 Week Four Day Five
Success Criteria: Visit the WWF site and take a look at the animals who are available for adoption. Choose your ‘top three’ animals from the website.
On your blog, list the three animals that you have chosen and then compare and contrast them. How are they similar? How are they different? At the bottom of you post, tell us which of the three animals you would most like to adopt.

I have chose the Arctic Hare, Polar Bear and the Arctic Fox.
-These three animals are  similar because their skins are all white colour in the winter.
-The Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox and the Polar Bear are only found in the Arctic.
-They love to live in cold conditions.
-The Arctic Hare and the Arctic Fox are both land mammals
-All three of these animals in the summer change their fur to a dark brown or brown.
-The Arctic Fox and the Arctic Hare both like to eat small animals.
-The polar bear is not a land mammal it is a marine mammal.
-An obvious difference between these three animals is the polar bear is a type bear the arctic hare is a type of hare/rabbit, and the arctic fox is a type of fox.
-The Polar Bear eats different things compared to the Arctic Fox and the Arctic Hare. The Polar bear likes to eat other mammals like the earless seals and the bowhead whale.

Out of the three animals the animal I would most like to adopt is the Polar Bear.

Activity 3 Week Four Day Five
Success Criteria:On your blog please tell us:
  1. What is one thing that you learned from participating in the Summer Learning Journey programme this year? I learned that trying new things like the Summer Learning Journey is something I like and
  2. What is one thing that surprised you?One thing that surprised me was that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did before I started the Summer Learning Journey.
  3. What is one thing that concerned or upset you?One thing that definitely concerned me was I am going away on Wednesday 9th of January for a week and a bit and I was worried that I wasn’t going to finish the SLJ because I have came so far in it.
What is one thing that you (or your family) can do, moving forward, to help protect our natural environment? One thing that my family are trying to do to help the environment is to decrease the amount of times we use plastic materials that can cause pollution.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey Week Four Day Four

Activity 1 Week Four Day Four
Success Criteria: On your blog, tell us which campaign you have chosen to support and provide us with a slogan for that campaign.

The campaign I have chosen to support is called Rebel Sport. I have chosen this campaign because sport is something I love to do and I enjoy it and in sports there so many options anyone could do. This store also provides you with great sporting equipment. I think a slogan for Rebel Sport would be “All Out, New Game, All season.”

Activity 2 Week Four Day Four
Success Criteria:On your blog, tell us what they think about Countdown’s decision to stop using plastic bags.

Kia Ora I am Jennae, I am going to be asking my older sister Kayla about what she thinks about Countdown deciding to stop using plastic bags.
Below is what Kayla thinks.

Kayla said “ what I think about countdown deciding to stop using plastic bags is a great idea. This new idea is great for our beautiful environment and stopping plastic bags is what most supermarkets are trying to do, but it’s great Countdown was the first.

“Although it helps our environment, this doesn’t stop people from reusing these bags. It’s most likely that most people have countdown plastic bags still somewhere in there house and still reuse them for certain things. For an example sleepovers to put all  your stuff in, putting old food into a plastic bag then into the rubbish bin, for going swimming etc.

“In conclusion I think that this was a great idea for countdown to stop using plastic bags but it hasn’t stopped people from reusing them.”

Activity 3 Week Four Day Four
Success Criteria: On your blog, tell us what you think about the government’s decision to restrict the number of tourists able to visit this special site.Is it fair? Be sure to tell us why you feel the way that you do.

I agree that is is fair for the government to restrict the number of tourists able to visit this site. It is 569 years old and such a special and unique place on the mountains. If I was part of the government I would restrict the amount of tourists able to visit the Machu Picchu  as well because I wouldn’t want too many people crowded,walking around and possibly destroying it. I feel this way because protecting an old and abandoned place is very important if you would like it to be that way for a long time.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey Week Four Day Three Activity 1,2 and 3

Activity 1 Week Four Day Three
Success Criteria: Click on the links below to watch videos about three of the current projects operating to make New Zealand ‘Predator Free by 2050.’
Predator Free Video #1: Cacophony Project
Predator Free Video #2: Taranaki Mounga Project
Predator Free Video #3: Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP)
On your blog, tell us which one of the videos you liked the best and why..
The video I was interested in and liked the best was the third one called “Zero Invasive Predator (ZIP).”
I liked this video the best because  DOC and NEXT joined and are making progress. With this collaboration they are planning to make New Zealand predator free by 2050. I also liked this video the best because I am against all this stuff about pests so I understood why they are doing this. Lastly,  if your country was riddled with pests and were decreasing all your native animals how does that make you feel? When you have people in your country that are making a change to New Zealand it makes a huge impact.

Activity 2 Week Four Day Three

Success Criteria:Once you have learned more about this unique dolphin, it is time for you to share your learning with us.

On your blog, post three facts that you learned about the Māui Dolphin. Then, using your imagination, create three more statements about Māui dolphins that are not true (i.e. false). Please don’t tell us which of your statements about Māui Dolphins are true and which are false. It will be the job of the students and staff who read your blog to figure it out.

True or False?

1)Māui Dolphins have a pointed fin

2)Māui Dolphins only grow their population every year by 2%

3) The Māui Dolphin are very close to extinction

4)They communicate through whistles

5)Māui Dolphins can be found only in Māui.

6)Māui and Hector dolphins looks the same but they are different

Activity 3 Week Four Day Three
Success Criteria:On your blog, list 10 species (animals or plants) that you would protect from extinction. For each one, give a reason as to why you think it is important to protect.

Māui Dolphin- I think the Māui Dolphin is important to protect because there is fewer more than 50 of these dolphins left.

Borneo Elephant- I think the Borneo elephant needs to be protected because elephants are such cool creatures and this type is endangered.

Macaws- I think the Macaws need to be protected before they do become endangered because they are beautiful and colourful birds and they are very hard to find.

Panda- I think that any panda needs to be protected because they are starting to get really really endangered.

Monkeys and Chimpanzees- I think we all need to get prepared to protect the monkeys and chimpanzees because they are very similar to us humans and if they go extinct or really badly endangered it would be sad to not see an animal just like us anymore.

Sea Turtles- I think that if i got the change I would try and to protect the sea turtles because these wonderful animals are only dying because of our pollution in the ocean.

All types of Rhinoceros- I think we seriously need to protect the rhinos because they are critically endangered and there are now only two females left in the whole world.

Crocodiles- I would like to protect the crocodiles because people are hunting them and killing them for some stupid reason to get paid.

Alligators- I would like to protect the alligators for just the same reason for the crocodiles and because they are both badly endangered.

Siberian Tiger- I would like to try and protect the Siberian Tiger because this type of tiger is badly endangered and I would like to change that and grow their population.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey Week Four Day Two Activity 1,2,3

Activity 1 Week Four Day Two
Success Criteria:On your blog, tell us how you would feel about going ziplining
in Rotorua. Try to use some descriptive words (adjectives) and action words (verbs)
in your post!.

If I could ever get to do ziplining I would be very happy but nervous. I’m not going to
lie but me flying on a zip line getting thrown  against a fierce beating wind would
be awesome. This would not only be awesome but would be such a new experience
for me to ever be able to do this.

Activity 2 Week Four Day Two
Success Criteria:On your blog list 10 veggies, fruits, or herbs that you would plant
in your garden.

10 fruits I would like to plant in my garden would be the fruit plants listed

  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Kiwifruit
  • Mango
  • Mandarine
  • Cherry

Activity 3 Week Four Day Two
Success Criteria: Read about each of these projects and choose the one that
interests you the most.
On your blog, tell us which project you find most interesting and why..
The project I thought most interesting was the one called “Village Forest conservation in Kerinci buffer zone.”

This main project  I found most interesting was because I never knew people from the government and different companies and work places actually safe guarded a huge amount of hectares of forests. I am actually interested in things like botany so I liked this idea (project).

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey Week Three Day Five Activity 1,2 and 3

Activity 1 Week Three Day Five
Success Criteria: Watch this short video on air pollution. It will tell you more about natural and human causes of pollution.
On your blog, share three new things that you learned about air pollution from this video.
1) The first fact I learned was when us humans use fossil fuels like coal they release something called greenhouse gases.
2)SMOG is a type of air pollution that can reduce the level of visibility and can cause different health effects.
3) Lastly a fact I learnt was that there are solutions to stop these pollutions. A sollution for these pollution is by limiting the use of these to decrease the amount of fossil fuels being used.

Activity 2 Week Three Day Five Success Criteria: On your blog, tell us about five things that you like to do when it is too rainy to go outside.
1) The first thing I would do on a rainy day  is probably to pull my chromebook out and connect it to the television and my family and I watch horror movies.
2) Another thing I would do when its a rainy day is for me to do my homework like this the Summer Learning Journey, Summer Reading Challenge, Read Theory and sometimes I like to do studyladder or e-ako maths.
3) The next thing I would do is to play board games such as monopoly and card games such as Solitaire and k's and a's.
4) Although I help my mum a lot with house chores even when it is not raining I still like to do a bit for her.  I like helping her out when she is at work I like to clean the whole house for her, tidy it all up and make it spotless and surprise her so she can just put her feet up and have a rest. I do this so she can not only have a rest but my mum already has a cleaning job and  I wouldn't want her to come home and do more cleaning and plus she has just been working in the rain as well as my older sister Kayla.
5)I love to draw in my own time and when it is raining and I have nothing else to distract me apart from the above reasons I like to draw. I like to draw and watercolour because I feel relaxed , calm and it's simple.
Activity 3 Week Three Day Five
Success Criteria: On your blog, write a short story about what happened when you opened the door and walked outside after the acid rain storm. To earn full points, you must write a story that is 8 – 10 sentences long.

The moment I opened my door to go outisde everything looked devastated. Most things looked dull like they died and lost colour, like everything seemed to fade. Deep grey clouds pushing away above me into a bright and blue sky. I looked out to the deep and flooding river and was thinking of all the fish that could be toxic. I turned my head facing the bush on the hill that is suppose to be green and full of energy, I had seen the opposite of that.
I then looked down at the ground and taken my first step outside and embraced this new empty and ruined feeling for me. When I lifted my head I seen many leaves falling off a tree onto the ground. I called my brother over and he threw a frisbee at me, I then caught it. I next called out "last one to be inside the house is a rotten egg." My brother and I hurried into the house and guess who was the rotten egg? Me!

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week Three Day Four Activity 1,2 and 3

Activity 1 Week Three Day Four
Success Criteria:For this activity, you are to write a short acrostic word poem about the beautiful lights. Hazel has written an acrostic poem about summer to give you an example.
S - Sun outside,
U - Umbrellas in the sand.
M -  My friends and I, having fun,
M - Making sandcastles,
E - Enjoying ice cream on a hot day,
R - Racing to the beach!
On your blog, use the word ‘LIGHTS’ to write an acrostic poem about the Southern Lights. Be as creative as you can!
For more information and examples of acrostic poems, check out this poetry website.

L-  Little smooth strokes of paint cover the sky,
I-Igniting lights like flames.
G-Gusting winds blowing heavily,
H- Hundreds of vibrant colour form in the dark sky.
T- This is a time to gather,
S-Shining stars surround the lights

Activity 2 Week Three Day Four
Success Criteria:On your blog, write a short summary of the book (The Seven Stars Of Matariki). What was it about? Try to summarise the story in 6-8 sentences.

Long ago there was this young man called Mĩtai who lived with his seven brother in a little.Mĩtai loved his brother as much as he loved himself in fact they were the handsomest brothers in the village but had not got married yet because they couldn’t love anyone as much as themselves.

One day, Mĩtai and his brothers were hunting one day on a hill and spotted the most beautifulest woman singing, when a woman looked at each of Mĩtai’s brother they immediately fell in love.

Mĩtai’s brothers didn’t go hunting anymore they were spending their time fishing for kai moana for their wives and took no notice of them eating any food themselves.
Mĩtai had gotten more and more suspicious and asked there kororia what to do and he said”to follow them to see where they go. One day Mĩtai sat in the bush for a long time and had just almost left when he noticed 6 piwakawaka, then seven on a branch and quickly followed them when they flew away.
Mĩtai heard about their evil plan to starve his brothers all to death so he hurried back home and told his brother their plan hishe brothers listened closely to Mĩtai and set off the next morning with huge nets to capture their wives by them staying hidden.
Mĩtai and his brothers quickly took their wives back home when they caught them and asked their kororia again what to do and he said this time take them up to the god of the stars and get him to take them somewhere far far away and so he did.

Activity 3 Week Three Day Four
Success Criteria:Take a look at the three pictures of crazy, cool cloud formations below. On your blog, tell us what you see in the photo. What shape(s) do you see? Be sure to tell us which picture (1, 2 or 3) you have chosen and describe what you see in lots of detail!
In photo two this cloud reminds me of a huge tornado that looks soft and cuddly around the outside with the sun shining out of it. This photo also reminds me of the shape of a UFO than can be full of gigantic aliens. Some shapes I can see in this photo is a building underneath that looks like a tall squared triangle. I can’t really see any shapes doing with the cloud in this photo.
This photo is found on the Summer Learning Journey website but I am not sure where it was found.

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week Three Day Three Activity 1,2 and 3

Activity 1 Week Three Day Three(4 Points)
Success Criteria:Go onto the Bird of the Year website, look through the native birds on the site, and choose one that interests you.
On your blog, write a short description of your bird. Where does your bird normally live? What does your bird normally eat?  Post a picture of the bird underneath your description. Be sure to attribute your picture properly.


Sharp, curved red beak snaps shut with grubby worms and buzzing insects in it mouth. Beautiful blue and black feathers flow out through its oval body. Tall thin straw like grass overgrown over the top of me, keeping me hidden from scaring hawks.
This photo is taken by Luc Hoogenstein and found on the Bird Of The Year Website.

Activity 2 Week Three Day Three (4 Points)
Success Criteria:On your blog, tell us what superpower you would like to
have and why you’d like to have it.

A superpower I would really want to have is to control water. I would want to do this because have you seen movies than can control it and even when it is in a cup of water the use their hand to lift a cylinder of water. It would be awesome to control the ocean as well like the waves and I would also want to control the weather because in Greymouth other when it is Summer it is usually cloudy with pouring or sprinkling rain so it would be really cool to change the weather.

Activity 3 Week Three Day Three (10 Points)
Success Criteria: Check out the ‘Top 10 Flying Animals of the World’ website to learn more about these incredible animals. Once you have explored the site, choose one animal and create a digital learning object (DLO, eg. a poster) that tells us all about the animal. Be sure to include at least three interesting facts and a picture or two of your animal! Please follow these instructions for attributing your pictures properly.
On your blog, post a final copy of your DLO.