Friday, 10 August 2018

Designing A Logo

Today in Ms Chowfin's class we were learning to create our own google logo. We got to change the colors of the letters and change the background to a theme and even put a background sound in. We watched a video to help us on how we start this and what we do.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Guided Text

We will have met the success criteria when we...

  • Can work out the meaning of new vocabulary.
  • Locate information within a text.
  • Make connections between ideas
  • Synthesize and summarize key ideas
  • Make links between our own lives and the lives of others

We will meet the learning intention when we….

WALT make connections across texts, locating (finding) , retrieving (getting and using),
synthesizing (putting it all together and sifting) and summarising
(identifying the important or key points) information.

Guided Text: “The Nowhere Land Where Children On The Move Are Someone Else’s Problem”
by Sarah Crowe - UNICEF

Pre-read discussion
What is a Peugeot 404?

What is the difference between a migrant, a refugee and an asylum seeker?

An asylum seeker is a child or a adult  who has left there home country as a refugee and is seeking asylum
in another country.  They have applied for asylum in another country but their application has not been

A migrant is a person who is moving or moved across an international border.

A Refugee is someone who leaves their country/home as their country is in a harmful situation or the person
is in a harmful situation.

Where is Niger?  Where is the Sahara? How big is the Sahara compared to New Zealand?

Sahara is 9.2 million k㎡ and New Zealand is 268 021 thousand k㎡. Sahara is 8 931 979 million k㎡
bigger than New Zealand.

Sahara is found  in West Africa and has eight states inside of it including Algeria , Libya, Egypt, Sudan,
Chad, Niger, Mali and Mauritania

Niger is a landlocked country  in Western Africa.
Niger is also named as The Republic Of  The Niger.

Read the text to yourself and make notes/highlight/bullet point as you read. You are looking for the main
idea in this article. Be ready to discuss your notes.

Agadez was once the migration capital of Africa, a crossroads for people on the move,
a bustling business hug for smugglers, roadside shops selling masks,
and sunglasses for the daunting journey, traffickers awaiting their human trade.
Now, as Europe and North Africa tighten their borders and closed their port creating drama on the high seas.
Since November last year, more than 8000 West Africans, including 2000 children,
have been turned to Niger from Algeria with another 900 refugees and asylum seekers from East Africa
transferred from Libya.Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world yet is bearing the brunt of the
‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ policies by richer countries.

Turkey, Libya, France, Niger and Algeria are making migration someone else’s problem, pushing migrants
from pillar to post, farther south.
When the migrants are brought to Agadez onto a bone-dry open plain with the a few threadbare tents,
local children circled around with plastic begging bowls-begging from the return beggars.
In April alone there was a 14 per cent increase over the previous month in people transiting through Niger and,
a third of them are children.“We are seeing a huge spike in unaccompanied children,
and those involved are using routes where they cannot be tracked and it's far more dangerous.
120 children drowned at sea between January and May. At least there are coastguards at sea.

No one patrols the vast and deadly sea of sand. It doesn't stop them trying.Hidden in the ghettos,
scattered on the outskirts of this ancient turmeric-coloured city, and milling about in centers are hundreds
of migrants, stranded, with dashed hopes and unfulfilled dreams.
Some have an eye on the ultimate prize of making a cross of the burning sand of the Sahara and onto
what is fast  becoming exclusive eldorado(europe).
For most the true paradise lost is being uprooted from their home and your loved ones-especially children.

The purpose of this text is to tell us about how hard it is for children refugees or migrants to
survive. Children refugees are trying to make it across the bar
ren Sahara desert to make it to the mediterranean sea border to pay to get across to Europe.
The author is biased because she has used clines to make it sound horrible and to make their
journey sound daunting.  

Italy: Rescue at Sea

This story is about how many people risk their life everyday trying to survive and can die doing it.
The Italians navy and coast guards come in helicopters and boats  to help the refugees.

The issues of this text is that many of the refugees arrived sick and needed medical help such like children,
adults and babies. The solution for the refugees is the refugees and others are taken to an accommodation
center where they can rest and recover from their dangerous journey.

This story is a true story about how refugees are risking their life trying to escape war by paying $1000 per
person to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe to survive.

This text made me feel like there is people out there in the world risking their lives to survive

Monday, 25 June 2018

Narrative Writing


9000 million miles away from Earth is a planet called Subarus.
On a fine summer’s day a young girl named Alpha walked along the lime green grass,
her long black braided hair dangling over her shoulders.
Alpha could hear the sound of a Macaw chirping and the rustling
of the trees as they waved side to side, dancing to a chorus of unheard music.

Her pale blue eyes, pasty in the summer light looking out into the horizon.
Her pale skin and black clothes standing out with the white of her shoes.

Alpha stopped walking because she heard a distant rumble.
The rumbling then stopped and she couldn’t hear anything.
Everything was dead silence. So she kept walking, keeping alert
of what's happening around her.

She thought the rumbling stopped, until it started up again a few minutes after.
She looked all around herself to try find what was going on.
Again it stopped, she began to be worried and scared because although
she could hear rumbling she couldn’t see anything.

She started to look around again,
she could hear the whistling of an object falling from the bright blue clear sky.
As Alpha turned her head she could see a big, bold, jagged object with red,
orange and yellow flames heading for Subarus.
Before she knew it a meteorite hit with a loud BANG!
The ground shook like there was something moving beneath it.
Alpha had no idea what to do so she started to find somewhere to hide.
She came across this empty old wooden brown house.
Alpha quickly ran inside the old shack and looked out the clear glass
windows to see what was going on.

Everything was quiet and still.
Alpha now decided to go outside.
She then swung open the door and walked outside
as she then shut the door behind her.
She started to head for Carton Lake.
She took a narrow path down to the lake with lots of purple
osteospermum flowers around her almost like the flowers has been
stroked with paint fading from Dark purple to light purple.

Alpha came across this girl that was standing on the water's edge skimming rocks.
She had long, bright, smooth turquoise hair streaked with purple braided and
neatly into two french braids on each side of her head.
“Hi I’m Alpha, who are you?” asked Alpha.
“Hello I’m Diana,” replied Diana.
“You’re very good at skimming rocks when did you learn how to do that?” asked
Alpha. “It was a skill I learned growing up,” said Diana.
Diana and Alpha were walking together along
the lake until they both heard the sound of a rumble coming
from above Alpha and Diana.
“COME ON LET'S GO,” yelled Diana.
Alpha started to run when the meteor had hit already,
Diana and Alpha were terrified.
They thought it was all over but about another 50 more
came crashing down one after another.
By now the meteors hit everywhere, the forest was destroyed.
The meteors were scattered everywhere leaving nowhere to go.
Diana and Alpha where now running as the were dodging all
the meteorites.

Alpha had now lost Diana because of how far ahead Diana was
in front of Alpha.
Diana suddenly stopped and checked if Alpha was still running
behind her Diana  now realized she left Alpha behind her.
Diana was starting to get
worried on where Alpha would be.
Diana was running back trying to remember what way she ran to get where she was.
While Diana was trying to find Alpha,
Alpha started to run back to where they started to run hoping that  Diana will remember
the way. As Diana was running back she was remembering
parts of where she ran.
She remembers running past a big mud hole in the ground.
So she knows she’s going the right way.
Alpha was worried that she started to run without thinking of where she was. Suddenly Diana and Alpha ran into each other.
Diana and Alpha were relieved.
“Where did you go?” asked Diana.
“You ran to fast in front of me,” replied Alpha.
“Sorry,” said Diana.
“As long as we have found each other,” said Alpha.
“ It was nice meeting you,” said Alpha.
“It was nice meeting you too,” replied Diana.

Alpha and Diana  said there last goodbyes to each other and set
off in their separate ways.

The End

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Book Review / Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes

Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes
By Eleanor Coerr

This book is a non fiction book based on a
real life girl who lived in Japan that had actually
got the disease, leukemia.
The genre for this book is a sad book because
Sadako had got a disease and had died from it.

This story took place in Japan.
The setting kept changing to different settings like
when Sadako was at the hospital because of her disease
and it was also set at her school and even when she went
home to her house for a couple of days.

Sadako was in Hiroshima when The United States Air Force
had dropped an atom bomb on that city to try end World War II.
10 years later she died from the radiation from the bomb that
made her get a blood disease. Another name for it is the atom bomb disease.

The main characters in this book was Sadako, Kenji and Chuziko.
Sadako was the girl that had caught the atom bomb disease.
Sadako loved to run she was the top of her running class.
Kenji was a boy that Sadako had met when she first came to the hospital.
Kenji was born with the disease because his mum had it when she gave
birth to him. Chuziko was Sadako’s first visitor that had told her if she made 1000 paper cranes the gods will grant her wish and Sadako will be healthy again.

My opinion on this book is that this is a good book because it has
good language in it. There are some parts in the book where
you wonder what happens next.

My recommendation is that children from 9-13 years old could read this
because it has some sad parts in it.