Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Ruma Tahi Participating and Contributing SOLO

Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my learning this term: I have participated and contributed to my learning this term by completing my second science badge on Large Animals. In class I had completed my set tasks and if my learning shows  like in a DLO.

Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my environment this term:  I have participated and contributed to the environment this term by picking up rubbish in the creek across the road from my house and putting it in the bin.

Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my family this term:  I have participated and contributed to my family this week by doing all my chores to help my mum out like unloading the dishes and refilling them, mowing the lawns, vacuum the house, help with the lunches.

Ways in which I have participated  in and contributed to the local community this term:  I have participated and contributed to the local community this week by doing road patrol on Monday, delivering my junk mail around Karoro, my team went to a West coast Basketball tournament in Greymouth and we had one last week in Westport and we won all our games and won the whole tournament. I have also went down to the shop and grabbed people's lunches they ordered and handed the out.

Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to the global world this term:  I have participated and contributed to the global world this term by posting work on my blog.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

St John Reponse

On Monday a girl called Catherine came from St John's to show us our to save
someone life. We had to do this because with the William Pike Challenge Room
1 is doing this year anything would happen to us while we are doing like a bike
ride or tramp. She taught us the DRSABCD.

That stands for Dangers, Response, Send for Help, Airway, Breathing, Commence,
Defibrillation. These are the 7 things that can save someone’s life. Dangers is if
you find someone that had fallen off a ladder you have to check for the dangers.
Response is when you have to check for a response like “can you hear me?”. Send
For Help is when you can  dial 111 and get the ambulance. Airway is when you
have to tilt the head back and life the chin so it is easier for the person to breathe.
Breathing is when you have to look, listen and feel for normal breathing.
Commence is when you place your hands in the centre of the chest and push
down hard and fast 30 times then blow in the mouth 2 times.

Catherine then taught us the recovery position. The recovery position is when
you grab the hand of the patient closest to you and put it our of the way then
grab the arm furthest away from you and put it over their chest. Then grab the
knee furthest away from you and bend it up and you have to place your finger
on there knee and roll them over. You then have to tilt the head and lift the chin.
We had to do this in peers my peer was Hannah.

We then did CPR on a fake dummy. We had to do this in groups of eight in my
group there was me , Hannah, Rebekah, Caitlyn, Zoe, Poppy, Grace and Nyah.
We had to all grab wet wipes and wipe the dummy's mouth, chin and nose
because other people used them as well and we put some type of thin cloth on
the dummy's mouth. We all had a dummy each and we had to do 30 hard pushes
on the dummy’s chest like if we were doing real CPR then after that we had to do
2 breathes in the mouth.  

After that the whole of Room 1 went through the first one and after the first set
you keep moving around all eight of the dummy’s.

I really enjoyed this session with Catherine on how you can save someone’s life
and I had a rough Idea on how to do this but not fully knew how to do it.

Ski Response

On the 14/8/16 the year 7’s and 8’s went skiing. We all arrived at
school at 6:45am. Ms Kemp called the roll and we were then handed
our orange arm band and we headed off. We all got into our car groups
and headed out to Porters Heights ski field. In my car group there was me,
Poppy and Cullam and our car driver was Scott who is Poppy’s dad.

We arrived there around 9:30 am. We put on  our ski pants, beanies,
gloves and sunglasses we needed and got out all the cars and headed
outside of the café. When we had all got there a man called Jason called
out our last names in alphabetical order. We all one at a time walked up
to Miss Martin, got our numbers and walked into the gear hire room. In
the room there was a station for ski boots, ski helmets and goggles. I had
hired ski boots, a helmet and goggles. I then put on everything and went
outside and got my skis.

Once everyone had their gear we had all started at the beginners slope.
At the beginners slope we had learned how to do the Pizza which is how
you stop. Some people moved up from that to the intermediate slope and
some people stayed. Milan and I were some of the ones that stayed. We
had stayed for a ski lesson on how to turn and jump around cones. Milan
and I were practising so much to try show Ms Kemp that we could move
up from beginners.

Soon we had to leave the ski field and eat our play lunch. I had sandwiches
and a banana. After interval everyone got back into their skis and went back
to skiing. It turned out me and Milan practising worked and we both moved up
to the intermediate slope. I went up with Hannah and her dad. The first time I
went up I fell off the poma and I skied down because I was half way up. As
soon as I got down I had to go back to the beginner slope and practise how
to get up if you fall off, and my turns. I finally got it and went back up with
Sasha’s mum, Erin. She helped me a lot!  We only went to halfway and she
showed me how to turn and so did Rebekah’s dad, Rowan.

For the rest of the day I did the intermediate slope. I skied down with my
friends a lot. I just loved skiing at Porters and since it was my first time it was
a bit of a challenge but I got it in the end. My favourite part was definitely the
intermediate slope.

Once everyone got off the ski field at 3:30pm we took all our gear off and
handed it in. My legs and toes were so sore from being used to the heavy
boots and from skiing all day.