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Gravity work

Highlight the main ideas. Summarize these main ideas  in one or two paragraphs.

Gravity is a force that attracts all objects towards each other.

Gravitational attraction is greater for more massive objects.

Gravity decreases as distance between the objects increases.

Every object in the Universe is being attracted towards every other object by the force of gravity.

Isaac Newton was the first to come up with the idea that all objects are attracted towards each other

by gravity.

Gravity doesn’t disappear just because you are above the atmosphere.

Isaac Newton worked out that, if the distance from the centre of the Earth doubles, gravity becomes a quarter as much as it was on the surface.
As a satellite moves around the Earth in a circular orbit, the direction of the force of gravity is always towards the centre of the Earth.

When does gravity decrease?
Gravity decreases as earth distance between two objects increases.

When does the force of gravity become noticeable?
Gravity only becomes noticeable if one or both of the objects has a lot of mass,
such as the earth.

Gravity disappears when you are above the atmosphere. True or False?
It is true that gravity disappears when you are above the atmosphere.

According to the text, how long does it take the International Space Station (ISS) to orbit Earth?
The International Space Station takes 90 minutes to orbit earth.

Who first stated that all objects are attracted towards each other by gravity?
Isaac Newton stated that all objects are attracted towards each other by gravity.

Find six words in the text that have a suffix.
Noticeable, weightless, pulling, accepted,  horizontally, gravitation.

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Wednesday Weaving

My Novel Study/Sadako

Hermit poem

In room one we were learning about hermit crabs and hermits. We had to make a  hemit poem and create an art work.

The Hermit

The hermit crabs come out to play,
Cause today’s a sunny day.
The hermits were running around like free prisoners,
There was two girls running together as sisters.
7 years to go just reading a book,
Sitting all alone feeling like this was a mistook.
Finally 7 years gone I can be free
Feeling so happy as I could be.